Longer Opening Hours #winteriscoming

Times are a changin'

New Opening Hours for winter. Longer hours to warm your cockles...

As we head into 'silly season' and battle with 'Ophelias' and 'Brians', we thought it would be a good idea to remind you of our longer opening hours on Thursdays and Fridays, whereby you can enhance your chances of warming the ol' cockles...

We are Open:

MONDAY 10am-6pm

TUESDAY 10am-6pm

WEDNESDAY 10am-6pm

THURSDAY 10am-7pm

FRIDAY 10am-7pm

SATURDAY 10am-6pm


BY THE GLASS @ Vineyards

ALSO... on Thursdays and Fridays, we are continuing to serve wine and spirits by the glass for our very popular 'By The Glass Sessions' between 2pm-7pm.

This has been a great way over the past few months for our customers to 'try before they buy' or to just have a natter with friends over a glass or two!

PLEASE NOTE-we will not be serving 'wine by the glass' on Wednesdays until 2018 to accommodate lots of exciting tastings throughout the festive lead up.


The 'Spirit' of the South West- Our Latest Sherborne Times Article


An exploration of the best local drinks to add to your collection…

Hannah Wilkins


There is nothing better than enjoying local produce that has been lovingly crafted and has a provenance that you can relate to. Fortunately, the South West has a lot to offer our drinks cabinets in terms of quality and interest. So, with that in mind, I decided to highlight some of these wonderful showstoppers...

Porter's Perfection Vodka is made by the lovely people behind Liberty Fields using apples grown in their orchards (Halstock) along with wheat grain, botanicals and spring water. The vodka is left for around five weeks so the colour from the apples comes through. It is then triple filtered to give it a clean, smooth taste.  A delicious vodka that can be enjoyed just over ice or with a premium tonic and a wedge of lime. £29.99 per bottle

Lilliput Gin is the new kid on the block. The awesome Andy Woodfield started distilling back in January this year and the result has been amazing. Distilled with 11 botanicals intended to evoke feelings of being by the coast, this is a gin which is refreshing in style and explosive to the palate. All the botanicals including basil, thyme, olives and rosemary are infused separately with the base spirit so that Andy gets the flavour and balance just right. I like to garnish my Lilliput G&T with a sprig of rosemary or a simple slice of lemon- not forgetting a splash of Mediterranean tonic! £35 per bottle

Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur was launched this year by the splendid people behind Conker Gin. Rupert has taken the wheat spirit he uses for his gin and has combined it with two different coffee beans, which he sourced through The Bean Press Company, and a touch of demerara sugar. Notes of vanilla and caramel on the nose and palate. It is one of the best coffee liqueurs I have tried and perfect for an espresso martini. £30 per bottle

Somerset Pomona is one of my long-time favourites created by the amazing bunch at The Somerset Cider Brandy Company in Kingsbury Episcopi. Their secret blending of apple juice with Somerset Cider Brandy, which is then matured in small oak barrels, results in a wonderfully smooth product. My perfect drink to accompany a flavoursome cheese board. £9.50 per bottle

Sherborne Castle Brandy is produced using grapes grown on the Sherborne Estate, which in turn are sent to Julian Temperley (Somerset Cider Brandy Co.) to be distilled into brandy. The brandy is aged for a minimum of 13 years before being bottled and hand-labelled. It truly gives some well-known brandies a run for their money and to think it is grown within a mile or two of Vineyards, we are very lucky! £29.99 per bottle

All five products (plus extras) will be open to sample for FREE on Saturday 18th November between 11am -4 pm at Vineyards, Digby Road, Sherborne.



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