our creations

Take two drink enthusiasts, add a copper still named Juno, and a handful of local collaborations.

‘g’ is for gin

Our journey into distilling started with ‘G’, affectionately dubbed ‘Sherborne Gin’, the botanical brainchild of Sadie and Hannah, with just 12 well-considered botanicals that create something awesome in the glass. Jam-packed with juniper (double the amount of mainstream brands) ‘G’ is a straight up London Dry that brings old school charm and packs a punch.

Made in collaboration with our friends at Liberty Fields who are professional alcoholics – just like us – and heralded as ‘Gin as it should be!’ by Great Taste Award judges.

Baked apple gin

Our flagship Sherborne ‘G’ Gin with a winter warming twist!

We’ve captured the flavours of Sadie’s mum’s legendary Baked Apple dessert with lashings of Liberty Fields’ apple syrup, feisty winter spices and a moreish hint of vanilla. All that is missing is a dollop of clotted cream!

Still very much a juniper-led gin and supported by a chorus of autumnal flavours, it’s destined to be enjoyed as a sipping gin, which warms your cockles. Try it in a Negroni – you’ll thank us!

Espresso spirit

A small batch, handcrafted Espresso Spirit that captures the beauty of a Bloody Good Coffee!

We set out to distil a coffee spirit that tasted like an alcoholic espresso. Using only Liberty Fields’ apple syrup to give a natural sweetness, we’ve bottled the essence of a rich, nutty, aromatic artisan coffee using Bean Shot’s ‘Brue’ blend.

‘The Bean Shot’ is a caffeine-fuelled collaboration between three Sherborne businesses. Made by ‘brew heads’ for ultimate satisfaction!

Try 50ml, on ice, and topped up with frothy whole milk fresh from the farm to taste – it’s our take on a White Russian and it certainly hits the spot!


Almonds are at the heart of our Amaretto, which we produce in collaboration with the fine folk at E18hteen Distillery. This shouldn’t come as a surprise due to the fact that Amaretto tastes like bottled marzipan! Though, mainstream brands rarely see an almond in their life, and are made using apricot kernels.

Our natural beauty is proper, authentic Amaretto, like the stuff made of Italian dreams, and is distinctively light in colour. Why? Well, we opted to keep it ‘the girl next door’ and didn’t doll it up with colourings or burnt sugar for a darker complexion.

It’s quite simply bottled nectar and it flies off our shelves!


An idea conceived to satisfy Hannah’s love for a Bramble cocktail – our beloved ‘B’ is an absolute beaut in the glass.

Jammy, ripe blackberries burst onto the scene and create a little bit of magic in the glass. Intense dark fruit with brooding notes from the hedgerow – it’s a sensual experience!

Another corker of a collaboration with E18hteen Distillery in North Petherton, our South West take on the French ‘Mure’ is rather alluring if we say so ourselves.

When not taking the limelight in a brilliant Bramble, add a splash to a glass of fizz and await the wonder!

‘g’ GINiatures

Honey, I shrunk the Gin!

Our signature Sherborne ‘G’ Gin comes in a small size, equivalent to two standard shots, and perfect for popping into your pocket or bag for those much needed ‘G & T’ moments.

Or you could be ‘normal’ and send a ‘taste of Sherborne’ to a gin-loving friend as a gift…