Best Wine Shop in the UK – take two!



Best Indie Wine Retailer of the Year, 2024 (for the second year running at Drinks Retailing). It’s taken us a week to properly write something about this, after some very ‘celebratory’ Stories on our Instagram feed on the night at The Dorchester for the swanky black-tie event which gathered the best in the biz for the drinks trade under one roof (kickstarted with a Champagne Laurent-Perrier reception with Adam Guy) What’s taken us so long?

One, we’re genuinely surprised, we didn’t know doing it twice in a row was even a thing, and secondly, we’ve had a good ol’ run at being recognised over the last 12 months, after grafting away for 18 years in Sherborne, and it’s like all our Christmases have come at once. We almost didn’t want to talk about *another* award with you guys, as it’s not why we do what we do every day in our little wine corner of Sherbs. It doesn’t ‘per se’ change us or how we do things daily in Vineyards.

BUT, honestly, what this national recognition does for us as a small business in 2024 trying to continue to make our way is unparalleled – it’s life changing for us. The level of exposure it gives us is fab, and any business owner who underestimates or rolls their eyes at awards like this are telling fibs to themselves. So, what have the shiny trophies done for us, and why are we so proud to have nabbed them? 👇🏻

🏆 Given us better negotiation power with suppliers/importers/wineries who want to work with us meaning we can offer the best shelf prices to our customers

🏆 Put Sherborne well and truly on the wine map, meaning that world class winemakers put us on their itinerary when visiting the UK, meaning our customers get phenomenal wine tasting events and masterclasses here in Sherborne at Vineyards

🏆 Made our wholesale trade boom, as more foodie folk, restaurants, hotels etc. want us to do their wine list

🏆 Given us some pretty cool invites to wine trade events where Team Vineyards are getting to share their knowledge and grow as winos, from speaking at the London Wine Fair to judging the UK’s top indie wines – plus more in the pipeline

🏆 Reassured us that in the eyes of wine heavyweights, and we’re talking real deal icons who inspire us, we’re doing something right. We’re told that our portfolio is second to none, our pricing is such great value, and that our customer service is infectious – and we couldn’t be more proud of each other for working hard to achieve such comments.

Cheers for supporting us through it all, and here’s to all the fun we have ahead of us!

BIG Thanks to all the judges & the team behind the awards, plus the wonderful sponsors.