The Weekend Club @ Vineyards

Now, for many moons we’ve been asked by customers if we could open early on a Saturday and unfortunately, the answer has always been a ‘we wish we could but we’re a small team and need to sleep sometime’…until now! We’ve woken up and smelt the coffee…

Say hello to The Weekend Club @ Vineyards. Starting from this Saturday, we will be opening from 9am on Saturdays so you can pop into town visit the butchers, head to the greengrocer, then swing by us to browse/collect your weekend wine. That’s not all…

As always, Vineyards is a hub, not just a wine shop and we have a fantastic new experience to offer our customers – of ‘biblical ‘proportions. We’re bringing fresh coffee and baked goods into the mix on Saturday mornings, so you can now break bread and wine with us (we said it was biblical!)

From this Saturday 9th March, we will have a small selection of baked goods to buy (first come, first serve) or pre-order. Yes, that’s right, you can saunter into Sherborne on a Saturday knowing that a fresh sourdough will be waiting for you. The baked goods are made by an amazing local authentic Italian bakery called Lievito.

We’ve been taste testing the goods for a few weeks now on a word-of-mouth basis and it’s sold out each week, with repeat customers. What’s more, we have a snazzy new coffee machine, barista trained staff, and delicious coffee from local Reads (just up the road from us) so you can sip whilst you shop, or simply sip, sit, and socialise.

The baked goods we’re offering so far are: sourdough, seeded sourdough, and rye loaves; large ciabattas, sensational rosemary focaccia, croissants (plain and almond), pain au chocolate, and truly authentic pastel de natas (Portuguese custard tarts). If you want to pre-order (which we highly recommend as this stuff flies) we need to know by 5pm each Thursday – by phone or email. You can collect anytime between 9am-6pm on a Saturday.

We’d love to see you on our first official weekend. No more having to put up with sub-standard supermarket wine on a weekend because you only pop in and out of town early doors – our doors are now open EARLY!

See you there, our little café culture is something to smile about!

Much love,

Hannah, Sadie, Nunu, Dan, Julia & Ionas