We’re moving our shop – still in Sherborne!

After 16 years of selling some of the best wine in the world to the fine folk of Sherborne and becoming Harpers No.5 wine merchant in the UK, we’re moving into a bigger and better space – still in Sherborne, of course! It’s been a secret project for a little while, so we’re chuffed to be finally sharing it with you…

In just a couple of weeks, we will be packing up Vineyards and clinking our bottles a couple of minutes down the road to Old Yarn Mills – watch our video

We’ll be flinging open our doors and welcoming you into our new world of wine during the first weekend of October 2021. But, more details will follow very soon!

We love our current little shop, but we’ve really outgrown it. The new space in Sherborne will bring with it:

pastedGraphic.png 250+more wines

pastedGraphic_1.png Better space for in house tastings

pastedGraphic_2.png A mezzanine wine lounge!

Plus, a handful of rather cool neighbours who have made ‘the yard’ a great place to be over the last few years… Oh, there’s parking there too, so loading up the boot of your car with a cellar full of wine has never been easier!